Stemming from Beaujolais region, the Labruyère Family has been committed for several generations to render the most accurate expression of terroirs they were in charge of.

Their respect for the latter comes from the extreme care they apply from vineyards to cellar. Vines are sustainably farmed using respectful practices such as gentle soil cultivation and by leaving grass between rows (cover crops) – to increase nutrients and provide organic matter.

Grapes are manually harvested, plot by plot, in order to preserve berries integrity and to ensure optimal ripeness level. Almost all winemaking processes take place in truncated oak vats only using indigenous yeasts.

Chateau Rouget is now recognized as a benchmark on the Right Bank thanks to the commitment of a Family which values hard work and refuses compromises in order to reach the highest quality standards of prestigious Bordeaux wines.

The constant concern for quality has presided over the birth, in 1992, of another wine, today called le Carillon de Rouget. Made from younger vines on dedicated plots, le Carillon de Rouget is ready for drinking earlier than Chateau Rouget. Its round and charming structure during its youth gives time to the Grand Vin to develop its complexity and fineness.