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  • The first winter months were abnormally dry, but February and March 2017 saw quantities of water rarely observed in the vineyard. Bud break started early and the vegetatio has advanced in April. The buds were homogeneous and are well spread over the vine. We did not observe any presence of fungous diseases.
    On April 28th and 29th, an unprecedented in the last 25 years episode of frost has touched most of the western parcels of the property, irremediably impeding the future Carillon de Rouget 2017.
    The high temperatures in the beginning of May helped vines to continue growing regularly and healthily.
    Flowering begun on 15th May for Merlot and on 20th May for the Cabernet Franc and both were perfectly homogeneous. Veraison was completed by 12th July.
    Harvest took place from 20th to 29th September, first for Merlot and then for Cabernet Franc. More than ever before it was haute couture work since each parcel was picked in several steps depending on maturity of the grapes.

  • Terroir


    Gravelous soils mixed with clay. This soil composition, combined with an exceptional exposure, confers all the typicity, elegance and finesse to Château Rouget wines.

  • Grape Varieties


    85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc
    Planting density: 3 000 vines per acre / 7 500 vines per hectare
    Average age of vines: 40 years

  • Soil management


    Vineyards are farmed sustainably, using practices such as cover crops and ploughing.

  • Harvests


    Grapes are manually picked and carefully transported in small 20 kg crates. Harvest occurs in several steps, in order to secure an optimal maturity level. Bunches are sorted a first time as soon as they arrive in the cellar. Then, once the grapes are fully destemmed, they go through another double sorting table.

  • Winemaking & Ageing


    14.5+% alc./vol.
    Vinification: 40% barrel fermentation, 60% oak vats
    Ageing: 30% new barrels

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